Meet the MobDevBr, a Brazilian Community for Mobile Developers

Hello everyone,

I’m here to proudly present to you a brand new community for brazilian mobile developers. Meet the o/

Putting our brains together, me and one friend had this idea to create a community where we could know every single mobile developer in this country.

At least here, in Brazil, the more common way to find articles, tutorials, and good stuff about mobile is looking for it… in english. Well, you say “Of course, all the entire mobile community knows how to speak english, lol”. And I ask to you: “Dude, are… you… sure?”

I’m not so sure, here in Brazil there is a lot of people who can understand things in english, but not exactly engage in a discussion. For this reason, we want all of this lost guys (and girls) around there could ask, answer, and contribute to a community in their own language: portuguese.

So, if you are one of these brazilian mobile developers orphans around there, come and join us.

We are waiting for you subscribe.

See you.


Say hello to TRCurrencyTextField: A component with value.

It’s alive.

After some days coding and testing this beauty, I finally can say: worth it. If you are looking for a component like a text field where you can tap a digit and magically format to ANY currency in the world, you can drop your chin now. You-found-it.

Thanks to Peter Boni, whose work inspired me to do that, I can present you the TRCurrencyTextField.

TRCurrencyTextField is an open source component easily found in GitHub, and easily used with CocoaPods.

What it does? I can explain… or better, I can show you in 12 steps. Right here. Right now. Let’s begin. Continue reading

Be welcome


Be welcome. In this blog I want to share with you a part of my expertise about programming which I have been obtaining during this long journey called… life.

Many of codes I develop on my day-by-day, all difficulties and solutions I find on the way has been lost in the time. I come here to say to you one thing: not-anymore.

My idea is to put here all of that I really bust a gut to research, get and do it, and in some way, gave me XP. I want to pass this thing to YOU.

I hope you enjoy this content.

— Thiago.